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Do you want to get the most out of your new air fryer? Are you looking for a way to ensure everything comes out perfectly cooked and crisp with just the right amount of oil or seasoning? If so, then an oil sprayer/mister is what you need. An oil sprayer can quickly and evenly distribute oils over whatever food item you’re cooking in your air fryer. This guide will provide all the information and tips necessary to help you choose the perfect oil sprayers for air fryers.

What's On The Guide

Oil Sprayers For Air Fryers

Misto Aluminum Bottle Oil Spray - 2 Bottle Set

One of the most popular oil sprayers for air fryers is the Misto Aluminum Spray. This product is made from high-quality aluminium and has a sleek design that will look great in any kitchen. It also features a non-aerosol pump system, which makes it easy to control how much oil or seasoning you use. Additionally, the bottle is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. It has a convenient storage pouch that makes it easy to keep everything in one place.

LAOLINGSY Oil Sprayer Dispenser 100ml

The oil spray I use the most is the perfect size for me. Super easy to fill with your favourite oil because it comes with a tint funnel. So, no mess or drips, and the mist that comes with the bottle covers the food perfectly.

LAOLINGSY Oil Sprayer 200ml

A bigger version than the bottle shown above. Again this oil mister comes with a stainless steel top and is super easy to use and refill. The oval shape of the bottle is also pretty cool.

Other Oil Sprayers For Air Fryers

Oil Spray Benefits & Tips

An oil sprayer can help ensure that all sides of your food get an even coating of oil or seasoning during air frying. Using a little oil helps ensure maximum crispiness and flavour when it comes out of the air fryer! It also allows you to control how much oil or seasoning you use, ensuring that your food isn’t too greasy or overly seasoned.

How To Choose An Oil Spray

When choosing an oil sprayer for air frying, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, consider the size of your air fryer and the food you cook. Suppose you have a smaller fryer and only cook small batches of food at once. In that case, a basic manual sprayer is the better option as they are more lightweight and easier to handle. Consider style and budget. You can get some high-end aluminium sprayers that look cool. Or, if you’re on a budget, some fantastic plastic and stainless steel models will do the job just as well.

How To Use An Oil Sprayer When Cooking With An Air Fryer

How To Use An Oil Sprayer

Using an oil sprayer for your air fryer is easy. Fill it with whatever oil or seasoning combination you prefer and spray it over your food. Make sure to cover all sides evenly for maximum flavour and crispness. Additionally, if you’d like to ensure a super-even coating of oil or seasoning, shake or rotate the food in your air fryer basket as you apply the oil!

Do I Have To Use Oil In My Air Fryer?

You do not need to use oil in your air fryer. However, oil can help enhance the flavour and crispiness of your food. Suppose you’d like to avoid using oil altogether. In that case, there are some great alternatives, such as vegetable broth or plain water!

What Are The Best Oils To Use?

Olive Oil Sprayers For Air Fryers

The best oils to use in an air fryer are those with high smoke points, such as avocado oil or peanut oil. These oils won’t break down when heated, ensuring maximum flavour and crispiness! Coconut oil is also an excellent option for a more natural alternative. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal taste. I would suggest you experiment though, air fryers are so vesatile and you discover a new falovour that you love.

Final Thoughts On Oil Sprays

An oil sprayer for your air fryer is the perfect way to get the most out of your meals. Not only will it help ensure that everything comes out crisp and flavourful, but it will also help you control how much oil or seasoning is used. They make covering your food easier and much cleaner than drizzling oil or using an oil brush. Also, because these bottles are refillable, you can create your oil blend, which is much better for the environment than disposable aerosol cans. Looking for other cool gadets? Take a look at our air fryer accessories page for more ideas.

We hope you find this guide helpful and that it’s helped you understand more about oil sprays and misters and how you can use them in the kitchen. So, add an oil sprayer to your air frying arsenal today! Happy cooking!

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