Are you looking for a brand new air fryer to cook food for the whole family? Look no further than the Daewoo SDA2310 8L Dual Zone Family Sized Air Fryer. This powerful air fryer has two 4-litre cooking drawers, so it’s perfect when cooking large meals. Read on to learn more about this fabulous kitchen gadget and how it can help make meal times easier!

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Daewoo SDA2310 Review

The Daewoo SDA2310 8L Dual Zone Family Sized Air Fryer is an excellent solution to all your cooking needs. It has two 4-litre cooking drawers, meaning you can cook large meals or even separate main and side dishes in the same appliance. The rapid air circulation technology ensures that food is cooked evenly for a crispy texture without needing deep frying.

This excellent family-sized air fryer also features dual cooking functions, which allow you to prepare food more quickly than ever before. You can sync both pots so they end simultaneously, saving you from standing over them as they cook. Plus, with eight pre-programmed settings and an adjustable temperature control, it’s easy to customize your cooking and ensure each dish comes out just the way you want it.

For added safety and convenience, the Daewoo SDA2310 has a 60-minute timer control and an interlock mechanism that prevents accidental opening of the fryer while in use. It’s effortless to clean, too – just wipe down with a damp cloth after use.

Daewoo SDA2310 Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Huge 8L capacity for cooking large meals for the whole family without a huge price tag.
  • Rapid air circulation technology cooks food evenly and quickly with a crispy texture.
  • Dual cooking functions can sync both pots for faster preparation time in the kitchen, giving you more time for other things.
  • Eight pre-programmed settings and adjustable temperature control to customize your cooking make this air fryer easy, even for those lacking cooking skills.
  • 60-minute timer and interlock mechanism for added safety and control.
  • Easy to clean after use.


  • Be careful not to overcrowd the drawers, as this could reduce air circulation and prevent food from cooking evenly. Not a criticism; you should do this with all air fryers.

Daewoo SDA2310 Alternatives

There are a few alternatives to the Daewoo SDA2310, and we’ll highlight a few of them in this section. First up, we have the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone, which is a very popular choice. However, it’s more expensive than other dual-zone fryers, such as the Moncook double-air fryerDevology double-air fryer, and the Salter EK4548.

If you’re on a really tight budget, but don’t want to compromise on performance, then the Vitinni dual-basket fryer is a really top-notch choice. This appliance has an impressive set of features and also has double baskets. Need something bigger, though? Then look at our guide to the best large family-sized air fryer ovens.

Does Daewoo Make High-Quality Kitchen Appliances?

Yes, Daewoo makes a wide range of kitchen appliances, from air fryers to food processors. They produce high-quality products that are rated excellent, reliable and energy-efficient – perfect for busy kitchens! Their commitment to innovation has resulted in the developing of new technologies, such as their dual cooking function and rapid air circulation system found in the SDA2310.

Final Thoughts On The Daewoo SDA2310 Air Fryer

Overall, the Daewoo SDA2310 8L Dual Zone Family Sized Air Fryer is a great choice for busy families looking for healthy meal options. With its powerful features and large capacity, this air fryer will make all your favourite meals more straightforward! That concludes our Daewoo SDA2310 review – have you tried this fantastic kitchen appliance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. If you enjoyed this guide, please consider sharing our links on social media; this does help us out. Thank you in advance!

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