In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, high-priced world, an affordable gadget that simplifies cooking while ensuring flavour is well worth a look. The Dihl 5.5L AFD12 Rapid Air Fryer claims to be one such marvel. This comprehensive review looks closer at its features, cooking performance, and value for money. We offer a detailed guide to determine if the Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer is the upgrade your kitchen needs.

Table of Contents: Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer Review

Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer Review

Technical Specifications

  • Brand: Dihl
  • Model: KA-AFD12-BLK 
  • Capacity: 5.5 Litres
  • Material: Plastic and Aluminium
  • Height: 300 mm, Width: 240 mm, Depth: 310 mm
  • Power cord length: 750mm
  • Temperature range: Max 200°C, Min 80°C
  • Timer: from 1 minute to 60 minutes

Dihl 5.5L Cooking Performance

One of the most pivotal aspects of any kitchen appliance is its performance, and the Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer does not disappoint. The combination of its rapid hot air technology and precise temperature control delivers a versatile and efficient cooking experience. It swiftly and evenly cooks various meals, from crispy chips to a succulent roast chicken. The consistency of the results was impressive, with foods being thoroughly cooked and flavourful.

Simple 2-Dial Controls

The Dihl 5.5 Litre Rapid Air Fryer is designed with two straightforward dial controls, one for temperature and one for timing, which makes it very easy to use. With a simple dial twist, you can set the temperature from 80°C to 200°C, providing flexibility for various dishes. The other dial allows you to set a timer for up to 60 minutes, ensuring your meals are perfectly cooked. This user-friendly design is a testament to Dihl’s commitment to creating appliances that simplify home cooking, allowing you to create delectable snacks and meals with little effort. The ease of use is certainly one of the product’s most commendable features.

Square Basket Design

Dihl 5.5L Basket and Plate

The Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer features a square, but rounded basket design with a raised grill plate. The basket’s shape is not merely aesthetic but has practical advantages. Its rounded edge shape and raised plate enables superior air circulation, ensuring that all food gets uniformly cooked. Thanks to its ample 5.5L capacity, you can prepare meals for the entire family or when hosting guests without worrying about space. Furthermore, the basket design allows for easier cleaning, as there are no corners where food crumbs can hide. Compared to rectangular baskets, the rounded edge design is more efficient, delivering uniformly cooked, delicious meals time and again.

Safety Features

The Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer comes with cool touch handles, an essential safety feature in any kitchen appliance. This design element ensures that the handles remain pretty cool during operation, effectively insulating and preventing burns. This is particularly handy when moving the air fryer or removing the basket while the device is still hot.

In addition, the air fryer boasts a 4-layer non-slip base, providing extra stability during use. This feature ensures that the unit is firmly fixed in place and safe to use, reducing the risk of accidental spills or tip-overs. These thoughtful safety enhancements offer peace of mind and contribute to a smooth, worry-free cooking experience.
Suitable For Older Users

Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer Dial Controls

Air Fryer Is Suitable For Older Users

The Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer’s simple controls and safety features suit older users. The dial controls are uncomplicated and straightforward, eradicating the confusion that digital interfaces can sometimes cause. The safety features, including cool touch handles and a non-slip base, provide added security. The handles ensure a safe grip, preventing accidental burns, while the stability offered by the non-slip base minimises the risk of the fryer tipping over during use.

Value for Money

In the arena of air fryers, the Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer stands out with its affordability and user-friendly controls, versatile cooking options, and energy-efficient performance. This air fryer offers excellent value for money, making it a worthy investment for any kitchen.

Dihl 5.5L Rapid Air Fryer Pros and Cons


  • Precise Temperature Control: Offers precision and flexibility in cooking.
  • Perfect for older users: The simple controls and safety features make this a breeze.
  • Affordable: Available at a low price and perfect for those on a tight budget.
  • Ease of Use and Cleaning: User-friendly interface and easy maintenance.


  • Lack of features: Might not have the bells and whistles that some people crave in kitchen gadgets.

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Final Thoughts On Dihl 5.5L AFD12

In conclusion, the Dihl 5.5L AFD12 Rapid Air Fryer is a wise addition to any kitchen, providing a perfect balance of affordability and superior performance. While it may have a couple of minor drawbacks, its benefits far exceed them, making it an exceptional option that offers excellent value for your money. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned cook, this air fryer can revolutionise your cooking experience by efficiently delivering delicious and nutritious meals at a low price. If you prefer something a little more advanced but still like the sound of this brand – take a look at our Dilh AFD08 8L air fryer review. The AFD08 has a digital display to control and use many preset cooking options and a much more sleek and modern design.

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