Welcome to our comprehensive review of the Duronic AF24 Air Fryer, a culinary game-changer. This innovative kitchen appliance not only brings a healthier edge to your favourite fried dishes but also adds a dash of efficiency and elegance to your cooking routine.

Designed with dual-zone technology, this air fryer gives you the flexibility to cook two separate dishes simultaneously, each at its optimal temperature. So, whether you’re whipping up some crispy chips in one compartment and a juicy steak in the other or simply doubling up on a favourite recipe, the AF24 ensures every dish is perfectly cooked. So, if you’re a food lover eager to explore new culinary frontiers, read on!

Table of Contents: Duronic AF24 Air Fryer Review

Duronic AF24 Air Fryer Review

Duronic AF24 Air Fryer Overview At-A-Glance

The Duronic AF24 Air Fryer is a culinary marvel, transforming everyday cooking into a delightful experience. This versatile appliance has advanced hot air circulation technology, delivering healthier, tastier dishes using minimal to no oil. Its impressive 2400W power ensures efficient cooking, guaranteeing that each dish achieves its optimal taste and texture.

Boasting two 4.5L drawers, this appliance allows simultaneous cooking of different dishes. Each drawer has a clear viewing window and an internal light for easy monitoring. The AF24 showcases an intuitive tactile control system designed for touch operations, eliminating the hassle of button fumbling. It features ten diverse pre-set modes to cater to a wide array of dishes, from fries to fish and vegetables to meat.

To further streamline your cooking experience, the AF24 hosts Sync Cook and Sync Finish features, enabling synchronised preparation of multiple dishes. Its precise temperature control, going up to a robust 200º, ensures perfectly cooked meals every time.

The AF24 is not merely about efficient cooking; it is also designed with convenience in mind. Its built-in cable storage system keeps your countertops clutter-free, while the dishwasher-safe drawers and trays make cleaning a breeze.

In addition to its standard features, the AF24 offers enhanced cooking options with the separately sold AFD1 model, which has a larger drawer ideal for family-sized meals.

In summary, if you’re seeking a healthier, more efficient and versatile way to cook, the Duronic AF24 Air Fryer is your answer. It is a fusion of technology and convenience designed to enhance your culinary journey.

Duronic AF24 Air Fryer Specifications

  • Model: Duronic AF24 Air Fryer
  • Power: 2400W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Capacity: 9L total (two 4.5L drawers)
  • Temperature Range: 50º – 200º
  • Cooking Modes: 10 pre-set modes (including preheat and reheat)
  • Features: Sync Cook, Sync Finish, Touch Control
  • Dimensions: 39 x 37.7 x 32.5 cm
  • Cable Length: 105 cm
  • Additional: Dishwasher-safe parts, built-in cable storage system, AFD1 drawer compatible (sold separately)

Dual Zone Cooking Capacity

The AF24’s standout feature is undoubtedly its Dual Zone Cooking Capacity. The appliance is equipped with two 4.5L compartments, allowing you to cook two separate dishes simultaneously, each at its optimal temperature. This feature eliminates the time-consuming hassle of cooking different dishes separately; you can save time by preparing two meals at once. The Dual Zone system also shines when you’re cooking contrasting dishes, like fries and fish, that require different temperatures to achieve their best texture and taste. In addition to time savings, the separate compartments prevent flavour transfer between dishes, ensuring each dish retains its unique taste. The AF24’s Dual Zone Cooking Capacity is a game-changer, promising maximum efficiency, time-saving benefits, and the guarantee of perfectly cooked meals every single time. It’s truly a boon for culinary enthusiasts. Style and design wise, it is very similar to the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone AF400UK and the Moncook Double Air Fryer which are also worth taking a look at.

Sync Cook and Sync Finish

The groundbreaking Sync Cook and Sync Finish feature further elevate the AF24’s dual-zone technology. Sync Cook lets you start cooking two different dishes simultaneously, each at a different temperature. On the other hand, the Sync Finish feature ensures that both dishes finish cooking simultaneously, regardless of their individual cooking times. This means even if the dishes have different cooking durations, you won’t have to worry about one getting cold while the other finishes. These features save you time and simplify meal preparation, making the AF24 a truly versatile and intuitive cooking companion. In a nutshell, the AF24 enables a hands-off, streamlined cooking experience. This type of cooking function is also found on the Daewoo SDA2310 8L Dual Zone, Cooks Professional 8L XL Dual Air Fryer and the Salter EK4548 Dual Cook Pro – which we have also reviewed on this website.

Duronic AF24 Air Fryer :10 Pre-Set Cooking Functions

With the Duronic AF24 Air Fryer, you have the luxury of 10 predefined cooking modes at your fingertips. These preset functions are meticulously designed to cater to your varied culinary needs:

  1. Fries: Perfectly crispy and golden, the ‘fries’ setting ensures your homemade chips are delightful.
  2. Poultry: This setting is ideal for juicy, perfectly cooked chicken or turkey with a tantalisingly crispy skin.
  3. Fish: The ‘fish’ function ensures your seafood is cooked just right, preserving its delicate flavours and textures.
  4. Steak: Get restaurant-quality steak at home, with the exact level of doneness you prefer.
  5. Pizza: Enjoy crispy crusts and perfectly melted cheese with the preset ‘pizza’ mode.
  6. Baking: From fluffy cakes to perfectly crusty bread, the ‘baking’ function caters to the bakers in the family.
  7. Grill: Get that perfect char and smoky flavour with the ‘grill’ mode, ideal for meats and vegetables alike.
  8. Roast: Roast your meats and veggies to perfection, achieving a beautiful caramelisation on the outside while retaining juiciness inside.
  9. Dehydrate: The ‘dehydrate’ function allows for slow and low-temperature cooking, perfect for making homemade fruit snacks, jerky or dried herbs.
  10. Reheat: Never worry about unevenly heated or dried-out leftovers again; ‘reheat’ brings your food back to life with optimal temperature and timing.

Easy To Use & Clean

The Duronic AF24 is delightfully user-friendly with its intuitive touch controls and preset cooking functions. Even cleaning is a breeze thanks to dishwasher-safe drawers and trays. Plus, the integrated cable storage keeps your kitchen tidy. It’s a perfect blend of convenience and functionality, making your cooking and cleanup tasks notably effortless.

Duronic AF24 Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Dual Zone Cooking Capacity: The ability to cook two separate dishes simultaneously at optimal temperature is a major perk. This feature not only saves you time but also keeps the unique flavours of each dish intact.
  • Sync Cook and Sync Finish: These features allow you to start and finish cooking two different dishes simultaneously, regardless of their cooking times. It’s a huge time-saver and convenience enhancer.
  • 10 Pre-Set Cooking Functions: The varied predefined modes cater to your culinary needs, making the AF24 an incredibly versatile device.
  • Easy to Use & Clean: The AF24 is user-friendly with intuitive touch controls, dishwasher-safe parts and built-in cable storage, making both cooking and cleaning a breeze.


  • Size: The AF24 is quite large in size. This might not be a problem for individuals with spacious kitchens, but those with limited counter space may find it a bit cumbersome it might be an additional expense for those who regularly cook family-sized meals.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the Duronic AF24 Air Fryer is an amazing addition to any kitchen and is affordable. Thanks to its advanced air frying technology, it’s perfect for cooking healthier meals without sacrificing taste or texture and offers a range of additional features that take convenience to a whole new level. The Dual Zone Cooking Capacity allows you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, saving you time and effort. No more juggling different pots and pans!

But that’s not all. The AF24 comes with 10 preset cooking functions, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of recipes. Whether you’re in the mood for crispy fries, juicy chicken wings, or even decadent desserts, this air fryer has got you covered. And let’s not forget about its user-friendly design – the easy-to-use controls and intuitive interface make cooking a breeze, even for those who are new to air frying.

Overall, the Duronic AF24 Air Fryer is a game-changer in modern kitchen appliances. It not only allows you to enjoy delicious and healthier meals but also adds extra convenience to your busy household. Say goodbye to greasy pans and hello to hassle-free cooking with the AF24!

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