Looking to save money on energy bills by investing in an air fryer? If so, a new kitchen appliance called the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer might be perfect for you. Featuring a large 10L cooking capacity and plenty of cooking and safety features. Keep reading to learn more about the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer and see if it’s the right fit for your kitchen.

Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer Review

Cooking Performance Review

The Uten air fryer is quick, efficient and easy to use. It cooks food evenly, with no hot spots or undercooked areas. Meat and veggies come out tender and juicy each time, making them ideal for healthy cooking. The presets are great for busy users who don’t always have time to adjust the timer and temperature manually.

Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer

Cleaning up after your air fryer has never been easier! Wipe down the trays with a damp cloth, wash the glass doors in warm soapy water, and store away when finished. Because the accessories are made of durable stainless steel, they were super easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Overall, the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer is a superb choice for families who wants to cook large quantities of food quickly and efficiently without sacrificing flavour or nutritional value. This is the big brother to the Uten 5.5L air fryer. The multiple cooking modes and timer settings make it easy to customize your meals, so you can enjoy delicious, nutritious food in the comfort of your home. With its impressive cooking performance, large capacity, and safety features, the Uten is an excellent choice for those looking for a more affordable air fryer compared to premium models like the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone.

Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer Customer Feedback

The Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer has earned quite positive reviews from customers. Many praised its ease of use, with one customer writing that it “took just minutes to get used to and start cooking”. The 12 different preset cooking modes received high praise for their accuracy and convenience, while customers also commended the large capacity of the air fryer. Customers noted that the air fryer was able to cook food quickly and evenly, resulting in delicious meals every time. Users particularly appreciated safety features such as the double-layer heat-resistant tempered glass door. A handful even stated that they are barely used their traditional oven since buying the Uten air fryer.

Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer Cooking Settings

Although the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer has received many positive customer comments, some issues have also been raised. Some customers noted that the temperature and timer settings were not always accurate, which could lead to food not cooking properly. Additionally, some customers had issues with the air fryer taking a long time to preheat. Another complaint was the lack of a keep-warm feature. In summary, customers were delighted with their purchase, but there were a few issues for some.

Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer Pros & Cons


• Easy to use – 12 presets and manual settings make cooking quick and easy.
• Large capacity – big enough to cook for 6/7 people.
• Safety features include a double-layer heat-resistant tempered glass door and a cool touch outer body.
• Efficient cooking – cooks food 25 to 30% faster thanks to accelerated airflow technology.
• Cleaning is a breeze – accessories are dishwasher safe.


• Temperature & timer settings are not always accurate.
• Takes a long time to preheat.
• No keep-warm feature.

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Final Thoughts On The Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer

Overall, the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer has received positive customer reviews. The ease of use, safety features, large capacity, and efficient cooking make it an excellent choice for busy families who want delicious, nutritious meals at a lower energy cost. The few issues reported by some customers are minor and are outweighed by the many positive features of this air fryer. With its impressive performance, customizable settings, and great affordability, the Uten 10L Digital Air Fryer is an excellent choice for families. If you’re looking for something bigger, take a look at our guide to the best 12L+ XL family sized air fryers. You’ll find fryers ranging from 12-26L in capacity.

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