Do you need a high-quality air fryer packed full of features that won’t dent your bank account too much? Then let me introduce you to the Uten 7.5L Air Fryer! In this guide, we’ll be exploring all of the features, cooking performance, pros, and cons of this air fryer. We’ll also present a summary of the customer feedback we’ve managed to gather. Anyhow, that’s enough waffling from me. Let’s get going with the Uten 7.5L review.

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What's In Our Review

Uten 7.5L Air Fryer Review

The Uten 7.5L air fryer has undergone some updates on previous models – primarily, the introduction of 5 heating coils. This change has improved how evenly the hot air circulates inside the basket, giving you an even better cooking performance. Other enhancements include preheating functionality and a modern-looking stainless steel design. You’ll also find an auto power-off safety feature and an audio signal at the end of the cooking cycle. With a 7.5L basket capacity, this size air fryer is ideally suited for 4/5 person cooking. Making it 30% bigger than the Uten 5.5L air fryer we previously reviewed and 25% smaller than the Uten 10L air fryer oven.

Cooking Performance: Uten 7.5L Air Fryer

Regarding cooking performance, the heat circulation upgrade can be seen. The results for chicken, even a small whole chicken, were impressive, and its ability to cook chips and french fries exceeded our expectations. You can choose from one of eight popular preset cooking functions, all available on a simple-to-use touchscreen control display. Suppose you prefer to have more control over your cooking. In that case, you can use the manual timer for 0-60 minutes and the temperature range of 80-200° C. Again, these can all be controlled on the touchscreen panel. The 8 preset cooking functions are as follows;

  • Chips
  • Prawns
  • Roast Joints
  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Steak
  • Cheese
  • Bacon

If you need to check the progress of your cooking, just pull out the basket tray and take a peek. Once you’ve checked the food and pushed the tray back in, cooking will automatically resume, and you don’t need to press start again.

Easy To Use And Clean?

The Uten 7.5L air fryer is incredibly easy to use, with an intuitive touchscreen control panel. With a few button presses, you can set your desired cooking time and temperature, then sit back and wait for your delicious meal to be cooked to perfection. Clean-up is simple, too; remove the tray and basket, dispose of oil or fat residue and clean the inside using warm soapy water. Unless you leave it overnight, it cleans like a dream, and for some foods – depending on how much oil you use might not need any cleaning at all.

Uten 7.5L Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Updated technology with 5 heating coils for more efficient cooking
  • Preheating and power-off safety features
  • 8 popular preset cooking functions
  • Intuitive touchscreen control panel
  • Easy to use and clean up


  • The basket can be tricky to remove with heavier food items at first

Customer Feedback Summary

Customers have been pleased with their Uten 7.5L air fryer, finding it incredibly easy to use and surprisingly efficient when cooking various meals. Many customers have also commented on its sleek stainless steel design, which adds an extra touch of modern sophistication to any kitchen décor. The only negative comment we found was about the difficulty in removing the basket tray after heavy food items had been cooked – but this criticism is minor. It shouldn’t be enough to put you off investing in this value-for-money appliance.

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The Uten 7.5L air fryer is exceptional value for money for its size, features, and performance. It’s perfect for medium-sized families and could work for larger households if you don’t mind cooking in batches. You would generally only find updated technology on higher-priced air fryers, and Uten has put together an impressive package here.

Uten 7.5L Air Fryer FAQ

Q: What is the size of the basket?
A: The Uten 7.5L air fryer has a 7.5L basket capacity, making it ideal for 4/5 person cooking

Q: What is the temperature range of the Uten 7.5L air fryer?
A: The temperature range is 80-200° C, with a manual timer for 0-60 minutes

Q: Are there any safety features on the Uten 7.5L air fryer?
A: Yes, it has an auto power-off feature to ensure safety while using this product.

Q: Can you use foil in an Uten air fryer?
A: Yes, you can use foil in the Uten air fryer – keep it away from any heating coils. Please note that if you use foil to line the basket, a silicone liner is more cost-effective and better for the planet.

Final Verdict On The Uten 7.5L Air Fryer

To sum up, the Uten 7.5L air fryer offers a great combination of updated technology and cooking performance that will make almost any dish taste amazing. The modern stainless steel design gives it a sleek look that will suit most decors. Its intuitive touchscreen control panel and 8 preset cooking functions help you to achieve perfect results every time. Offers outstanding cooking performance that is both efficient and easy to use – perfect for busy households! Its latest technology and intuitive touchscreen control panel make this a fantastic option for anyone looking to upgrade their kitchen appliance repertoire.

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