Looking for a dual-basket air fryer, you can use to cook meals for the whole family? The Vitinni 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer solves your air fryer woes! This impressive appliance lets you cook multiple dishes at once, so you can have a home-cooked meal without spending all night in the kitchen or breaking the bank. This guide will examine what makes the Vitinni 8L Dual Basket such an incredible appliance. We focused on the key features, our overall review, and the pros & cons and finished with our final thoughts.

What's Included In The review

Vitinni 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer Review Guide

Vitinni 8L Dual Basket Review

Are you ready to cook up some delicious, healthy meals without fuss? With Vitinni’s 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer, you can make all your favourite recipes in record time! Its adjustable thermostat and timer on the touchscreen LED display give you complete control over your cooking temperature for evenly cooked meals every time.

The 60-minute timer with a bell lets you know when your food is ready, while the removable non-stick-coated ceramic grill ensures that each dish comes out perfect and mess-free. Plus, its cool-touch casing makes it easy to handle even when hot. With this air fryer, you can easily enjoy multiple mouthwatering dishes. Thanks to its dual basket design for cooking two dishes in different ways. For example, roast your meat or chicken in one and your vegetables in another.

Explore your culinary creativity and simultaneously make your favourite food combinations ready to eat! With Vitinni’s 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer, you can double up on flavour and save time in the kitchen. Try it today and start creating delicious meals the whole family will love! Vitinni is an excellent alternative to the more expensive Ninja Foodi Max Dual Zone air fryer. Another cool feature is the improved energy-saving technology they used. Vitinni state that it will cost about 56p per hour to cook your food in the Vitinni 8L Dual Basket. That is impressive because many air fryer meals can be cooked in half an hour.


Where To Buy

Vitinni 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer Pros & Cons


  • Adjustable thermostat and timer with touchscreen LED display from which you can control each of the two baskets.
  • Dual basket design for cooking two dishes in different ways simultaneously.
  • Removable non-stick-coated ceramic grill plate, which is easy to clean after use.
  • Cool-touch casing for easy handling so you won’t burn your hands.
  • Timer and end-of-cooking chime to alert you that the food is ready.


  • Less sleek and streamlined looking than the Ninja Foodi Max Dual Basket Air Fryers.

Vitinni 8L Dual Basket Vs Ninja Foodi 9.5L Max Dual Zone

The Vitinni 8L Dual Basket air fryer is a great budget-friendly option compared to the Ninja Foodi Max Dual. The Vitinni offers an adjustable thermostat and timer with a touchscreen LED display, a dual basket design for cooking two dishes in different ways simultaneously, a removable non-stick coated ceramic grill plate and a cool-touch casing for easy handling. These features make it an outstanding choice for home cooks who want to save time in the kitchen without spending too much money. One downside is that it could be more sleek and streamlined, looking like the Ninja Foodi Max Dual AF400UK. Another is it lacks the preset cooking functionality of the Ninja Foodi, but only some use them, and after a few weeks, you probably won’t either. Finally, remember that the Vitinni has an 8L capacity compared to the Ninja Foodi’s 9.5L.

Final Thoughts

Vitinni’s 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer is an excellent option for busy households who must cook multiple dishes. With its adjustable thermostat, dual basket design, timer, cool-touch casing and energy-saving technology, you can have delicious meals ready in record time without breaking the bank! Plus, it’s straightforward to use, so even the most novice cooks can master their kitchen creations quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking today and order your budget-friendly dual fryer by Vitinni. However, if you’re looking for a smaller option, look at our Vitinni 5.5L air fryer review.

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